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Wright Nutrition specializes in Nutrition Coaching, Meal Planning, Nutrition Clinics, and Medical Nutrition Therapy.

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I’m Doretta Wright

I help fellow equestrians and athletes overhaul their nutritional regime so they can improve their performance and overall well being. 

Through One-On-One Coaching, we dive into your personal goals to develop a customized nutrition plan to meet your individual needs. This will include actionable steps to help you plan, shop for and create healthy, well balanced, dietitian approved meals as well as other behavioral and lifestyle strategies to help you stay on track to reach your nutrition related goals.

Not an equestrian? No problem! I work with individuals outside of the equestrian and sports community as well. 

Equestrian Dietitian

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 

Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

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"Nothing changes if nothing changes"

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You don't need to eat perfectly all the time - you just need to be consistent. Let me show you how.

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While working as a full time groom and traveling with the US Equestrian team, I noticed how much time and attention was given to the horse's fitness and nutrition needs, but very little to the riders or grooms. Our horses receive the top level care in all areas, but we hardly take care of ourselves. We go without meals or often fuel ourselves with caffeine and fast food. I recognize we as riders and grooms are also athletes and I want us to be able to perform as well as our horses. 

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FirstHealth of the Carolinas Diabetes Educator of the year 2017

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Outreach NC Magazine

The Seven Lakes Insider

You don't need to eat perfectly all the time - you just need to be consistent.

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